Till Stars Shut Their Eyes

atotoztli yacanex
Till Stars Shut Their Eyes Atotoztli Yacanex

A story of forbidden love in Ancient Mexico, the Anahuac, based on a true story. Atotoztli (an up-scale elite) finds herself constrained in a world of protocol, and Yacanex (a passionate anti-establishment nobody) finds his energies better focused on love than war. Both lady Atotoztli and brave Yacanex cling to their forbidden love, even if it means sinking the world to fire.

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Set in a time when the Chichimec Domain of the High Ruler Xolotl implements a series of political and social changes in his vast realm. A political shift that will affect the communities of the restless Yacanex, and a stricter social protocol that will affect the idealist Atotoztli. Lost in their lives, they meet and begin a love that is not accepted. Yacanex is a humble Free Chichimec from the woods, and lady Atotoztli is the coveted daughter of the ruler of Colhuacan (an ancient prestigious city). What binds both of them is a high-esteemed idea of love. Once filled with anger and sourness, Yacanex becomes a new man thanks to Atotoztli. Likewise, Atotoztli feels her ideas and liberty are amplified by being with Yacanex. She aspires to become a woman in full, not just with love, but also with an independent mind. He discovers that he can make his own path, instead of taking someone else’s. This coming-of-age ideals become blurred by the constant harassment from the elites.

They embark in a fight to defend their right to be together, but along came many expected –and even more unexpected –obstacles. A wicked plan was secretly schemed to have gorgeous Atotoztli taken away from Yacanex and her own dreams. The powerful create several situations to have them separated. Brave Yacanex and clever Atotoztli try to outwin her father, the powerful ruling family of the Domain, and all the pipiltin ruling class. As time passes, the lovers’ efforts were in vain. Atotoztli discovers the last resort has to be an all-out war to protect their love. She makes a promise with Yacanex, where both will do whatever it takes to seek their union. The thirteen heavens and the High Capital Tenayuca have other plans. And so fury is unleased on this Earth. Yacanex, along with his close friends Ocotoch and Coacuech, lead an uprise against civilization itself. As established governments are seen as the root of hatred against love, people rise against the ideals of civilization. Will the Earth bend to their rulership of love? Or will the powerful squash free born love?

Fight for love! Pass it on!


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    1. Hi! Hola! Thanks for the interest! For the moment there’s no Spanish version, it is yet to come. You can find the English version ebook on the above mentioned online book stores, which can be downloaded anywhere in the world.


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