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Let us live and love freely.

Let us live and love freely — war is more cruelly! And yet, you have chosen. We may back down at many things but never in matters of life and love.

Excerpt from Till Stars Shut Their Eyes.

We live in a time very similar to that which Yacanex along her beloved Atotoztli lived in the late 1200’s. The moment when governments impose upon us how to live and whom to love is a decisive moment to either stand down or face injustice. Just like it happened to Yacanex, it is the authority who has chosen the confrontation, not the we the people.

Pass it on! Fight for love!

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Photo I shot at northwestern Mexico City.

Yacanex. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.
Yacanex. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

Teotihuacan invasion on Maya lands.

Text and painting by Miguel Omaña.

The Journey of Siyaj K’ak’. Acrylic on paper.

Painting I did years ago, depicting the scenery with abundant foliage of the Maya jungle lands. The setting — the invasion of the Teotihuacan army led by General Siyaj K’ak’ in the year 378 througout the Mayan territories in order to invade and conquer the city of Tikal, the great Maya superpower.

Siyaj K’ak’ was sent to conquer Tikal, one of the two Maya superpowers.

From the city of Teotihuacan in Central Mexico departed a huge army led by General Siyaj K’ak’, whose name survives only in Maya language, meaning Fire-Born or Fire is born (Yes, names in each native culture were unique, just as Sitting Bull with US native Americans or Descending Eagle the last Mexica Aztec ruler). He was sent on an important mission by the Teotihuacan High Ruler Spearthrower Owl to conquer the Maya city of Tikal (in modern Guatemala) — one of the two superpowers in what is now Central America — and to install a new order at the region.

Siyaj K’ak’ led the Teotihuacan army.

General Siyaj K’ak’ took the army all the way from Teotihuacan in today’s northeastern Mexico City metro area south bound to the state of Chiapas. Guided by the San Pedro Martir river he entered what today is northern Guatemala in January of 378. Records at El Peru site signal his passing at that location.

In Saturday January 14, 378 Teotihuacan conquered Tikal in what is today Central America.

He arrived to the city of Tikal with a swift military attack, making it possible for the Teotihuacan army to take over the region rather quickly. Various battles may have happened, but the Battle of Uaxactun stands as the final victory of Teotihuacan over the Maya of Tikal during Saturday January 14, 378 — correlation 584283 for 11 Eb 15 Mak (correlation info is technical data to pinpoint a date between two different calendar systems, so don’t worry, if you’re a lay man just bear in mind it exists and is helpful). General Siyaj K’ak’ executed the Ajaw (ruler) of Tikal, Chak Tok Ich’aak I, the same day. Although Siyaj K’ak’ became the de facto ruler at Tikal, he sticked to the mission his High Ruler Spearthrower Owl of Teotihuacan sent him for — to install a new government at Tikal by crowning the High Ruler’s son as Ajaw of Tikal Yax Nuun Ayiin I. The Teotihuacan youngster rose up as Ajaw of Tikal in Tuesday September 11, 379, the day a New Order was installed in Central America that would endure a thousand years. Thus, the powerful Maya nation of Tikal would be within the rule of the Teotihuacan Domain.

Director George Lucas got his idea for his Star Wars franchise from the “mexicanized” Maya wars.

Due to this famous war by Teotihuacan General siyaj K’ak’, the Maya adapted his kind of warfare and conquest into their political schemes, bringing Star Wars (yes, that’s where George Lucas got the idea for the movie franchise) into their culture. The original Star Wars or Tlaloc-Venus Wars were planned wars according to planetary alignments in the sky or which commemorated with a sacred date. The late Linda Schele aptly calls it in her books as the “Mexicanization” of the Maya world.

For more information on the Maya, please read any of Linda Schele’s books. Not only she was an amazing scholar, but imprinted her personal touch to her published research by including novel-style stories.

Siyaj K'ak' invading Maya lands. Copyright 2009 Miguel Omaña. Siyaj K’ak’ invading Maya lands. Copyright 2009 Miguel Omaña.

Lady Ñuñuu Dzico-Coo-Yodzo

Mixtec Queen Six Monkey of Jaltepec.

Mixtec ruler Ñuñuu Dzico-Coo-Yodzo. The great warrior ruler Ñuñuu, also known in English language as Lady Six Monkey, who stood up against the imperial aspirations of 8 Deer Jaguar Claw. At a young age, she visited the enigmatic Vehe Kihin cave to seek the favor from revered ancestors to rule her people. She became ruler of what is now Jaltepec almost 1,000 years ago. On the way to her wedding she was ambushed and attacked by political enemies using two towns who stood in her way. Lady 6 Monkey and her wedding carriers succesfully repelled the attack, winnig her military admiration, and thus being condecorated with the Quechquemitl of War, which became her official garmets, but also part of her name as written in millenia-long ancient books for posterity.

To understand the painting… —>
The Mixtec glyph at the left of her tells her name: Six Monkey. Ancient scribes used various forms to put their second name within the picture. One way is as I did, with her red and prominent garmet: Quechquemitl of War. The chevrons in her quechquemitl is also another Mixtec glyph, and means: War.
Her hair and accessories are based in her image in Codex Nuttall or Codex Tonendeye.
The mountains in the background are based out of the real mountains at Oaxaca, where it all happened.