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Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico

Photo I shot at Dolores Hidalgo, in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

One of the many churches that stand since colonial times — many made with cantera stone, which create the delicate soft color. Also, tiles and other artistic expressions were used to decorate the facade of Mexican churches.

A town populated by talavera ceramic artisans.

While visiting Dolores, I always love to stroll at the local market, where fresh produce and prepared food is available. The outskirts of the town are populated with artisans who work 24/7 on the creation of pottery and home decor based on talavera ceramic. Although tourism is what nowadays is making Dolores stand, talavera ceramic is still by far the main reason Dolores thrive.

Located in Central Mexico, in Guanajuato state. 10 hour drive from the US-Mexico border — give or take.



San Miguel de Allende church

Photo I shot at San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

This building was designed by a man based solely on postcards from European Gothic cathedrals. So, in many instances he had to guess, since he was not an architect. Nowadays, upon examination, experts say it has not only Gothic elements but many colonial Mexican and native elements alike.

Such a mix beautifies this building, confirming that a good mixture can become something of worth.

San Miguel de Allende is located 4-hour driving north of Mexico City.

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San Miguel de Allende church. Copyright 2009-2013 Miguel Omaña. San Miguel de Allende church. Copyright 2009-2013 Miguel Omaña.