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15-minute Portrait Sketch

Ink on paper, 4 x 5.

Quick portrait drawing I did of this gorgeous girl in 15 minutes.


Beautiful woman girl artistic portrait drawing sexy hot milf. 


Pumpkins are Mexican

Photo I shot last year of the carved pumpkin I did.

Whether Mexicans accept it or not, Pumpkins are originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. And I fear Mexicans will be more prone to reject the historical fact than Americans (or the rest of the world for that matter) because there’s a strong anti-Halloween sentiment in Mexico.

And to think Mexicans feel offended by Donald Trump’s vision for HIS country, and still they also feel hatred (and even bigotry, I shall add) against all things Halloween. Allegedly they dislike Halloween because it’s an “all-American Holiday”, but if you ask me that title should go to the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Anyhow, in the process Mexicans have developed hatred against pumpkins! They hate more these innocent pumpkins (they’re food after all) than Donald Trump! Media, ads, and even government propaganda attach these orange yankee “demons”.

Let’s have a raw reality check.

Pumpkins are Mexican. I wonder if the RNC are asking for visas to these friendly orange fellas. They were originally domesticated 10,000 years ago by the indigenous people that inhabited the region, most likely the ancestors of today’s Mixtecs, Zapotecs, Mixes (and others). Just like it was done with beans, squash, corn and chilli in Tamaulipas and Puebla, pumpkins began to take its current shape in Oaxaca.

The reason pumpkins ended up in Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, is because it is what white settlers found (or immigrants, I’m confused to what Ann Coulter would say — not). To those days pumpkins had already extended over North America. “So those savages had trading routes before the arrival of Europeans?” Yup, pretty neat for a hoard of savaged, won’t you think. (Coff, coff, sarcasm, sorry if you’re like Sheldon Cooper and can’t read between lines. Coff, coff!).

To sum up.

Mexicans are bigots with their own stuff. Most of the time Mexicans are fighting for things they don’t have facts or data. That’s why there’s a saying here in Mexico that you gotta have the “hair of the donkey in you hand”. Don’t ask me, that’s the way the proverb goes, but I assure you it sounds way cooler in Spanish. It means that you gotta have your info before speaking, whether we’re talking gossip or a scientific breakthrough.

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Carved pumpkin. Copyright 2014 Miguel Omaña.
Carved pumpkin. Copyright 2014 Miguel Omaña.

Mexican woman, mother of two

Acrylic painting I did of a Mexican girl.

Life modeling for me to paint. Artworks can be daunting when done in front of a model (or behind) but it is an amazing experience that makes us remember of times before instagram of photography.

Here, she is a mother of two I wanted to do a portrait.

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Mexican girl painting. Copyright 2009 Miguel Omaña.
Mexican girl sexy painting. Copyright 2009 Miguel Omaña.

Sensual Lady Coyolicatzin of Mexico Tenochtitlan

Pastel drawing I did of Lady Coyolicatzin.

Coyolicatzin was a Mexica Aztec lady that stopped a bloody war. Known in her time for her paler than normal skin.

Stories of old recount that she appeared in the baths of Cocijoeza of Zaachila, whom she convinced the War of Guiengola would end if they were to be married. Not only her sensual physique but her cunning plan convinced Cocijoeza .

So Cocijoeza did accordingly, and asked her hand to his enemies the Mexica in exchange of ceasing hostilities. The Mexica Aztecs agreed, the exhausting Siege of Guiengola ended, and he got to marry this beautiful and intelligent woman. She became a co-ruler at what is now the state of Oaxaca.

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Coyolicatzin (Pelaxilla). Copyright 2009 Miguel Omaña.
Coyolicatzin (Pelaxilla). Copyright 2009 Miguel Omaña.

Coyolicatzin (Pelaxilla). Copyright 2009 Miguel Omaña.

Mexican girl painted portrait

One of the commissions I worked on last weekend.

Oil on white cardboard, 9 x 10.

If you’re interested in a painted portrait, please contact me for prices and Shipping and Handling info.

I try to bring realism to the painted portraits, but also imprint a part of how I look at people. Like in this case, they tend to commission me these portraits as gifts or mementos. And yet, if I do a photograph-like painting, it would be best if they just put the original photo.

That’s my take on doing this sort of portraits — make it look realistic and yet have the feel you’re looking at a piece of art. Don’t get me wrong, I admire hyper realist artists, it is a feat of creativity what they do. Then again, people want to have a more artsy portrait on their hands. At least that’s what I have sensed and heard from my clients.

What I love is when they give me Carte Blanche, and literally ask me to do it as I would a personal portrait for me.

Mexican girl painted portrait. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.
Mexican girl painted portrait. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

Painting of Norse Goddess Freyja

Portrait I did of Viking goddess Freyja.
Freyja. Oil on wood, 9 x 11.
She is the goddess of love, beauty, sex, death, war, and seiðr (sorcery); leader of the Valkyries.
She is one of the ancient gods of the European indigenous peoples, the Vanir, that after the war against the new gods were defeated, and Freyja survived. Perhaps Freyja could very well be the Great Goddess adored in Eurasia (before there was no God but Goddess).
After the war, Odin acceded to divide the dead in war, therefore half the souls go to her at Fólkvangr and the other half to Odin at Valhalla.
The day Friday is named in her honor.
She possesses the magic necklace Brísingamen forged by the dwarves with amber and precious stones, but to earn the Brisingamen she had to sleep with everyone of the four dwarves. Once the test was passed the necklace gave her great power. Though Loki stole in for a time. Freyja also owns a falcon cape, her symbol.
Based on Jennie from instagram @ohapieceofcandy @jenniepersson_ Go follow her!

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All might Viking goddess Freyja. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.
All might Viking goddess Freyja. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

Child portrait – commission

Portrait I painted of a child with a little hat. Oil on paper. Commission artwork based on a cellphone photo the client wanted to have painted. I especially liked this one because the original photo was so blurry and poor quality, and still I managed to obtain the little boy’s features.

For custom portraits of you or your loved ones, please contact me for prices and shipping info.

Child with little hat portrait. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña. Child with little hat portrait. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

Xonaxi, Zapotec great mother.

Zapotec mother goddess Xonaxi. Oil on wood. 9 x 11.

Portrait I painted of the great Zapotec mother Goddess, Xonaxi. She created — alongside with her husband Cosana — the Earth, the Sun, and mankind.

These manifestations of reality, understood by Western minds as gods and goddesses, were actually the way Ancient Mexicans summed up nature’s phenomena. That is why there was no word for god or goddess in indigenous languages like Zapotec or Nahuatl, but only used for scholarly purposes.

She is considered protector of humans, for we are their sons. Not only Zapotec culture, but many other had and still have this concept of the mother goddess.

As an overseer of fertility, Xonaxi personifies human being’s life cycles. Xonaxi wears the Milky Way galaxy Zapotec glyph as her symbol (below her necklace). A macaw, another of her symbol, is in her headress.

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For custom portraits and art, please contact me.

Xonaxi painted portrait. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña. Xonaxi painted portrait. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.