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Human Era Calendar Date link.

This is a page I created with programming code I wrote showing today’s date according the Holocene Calendar, also known as the Human Era calendar.

Click the image and see today’s date according to the Human Era calendar.


The Human Era calendar:

  • Measures time since Humans began their era on this world.

It counts time since the neolithic began, from which our technological prowess increased exponentially — from the knapping of stone tools and the first construction ever built to our days of quantum computers, CRISPR genetic editing, and the Internet.

  • Negative years are eliminated.

The famous B.C.E. (before current era) years are negative, making it confusing in historical and geological terms. Such difficulty discourages people from fully understanding that huge period of time.

  • It marks a common starting point for the human species.

Whatever race, nationality, or religion, this calendar would be appropriate for everyone. And maybe — just maybe — this would encourage a grater unity amongst the peoples of the world.

  • No major changes except adding 10000 years to our current years.

Contrary to other more precise calendars such as the Mayan Long Count calendar or traditional calendars such as Chinese calendar, the transition would be more smoothly (computer, economic, government and culture-wise) without affecting current months, days, days of the week. The importance is given to add a 1 to the left of whatever Gregorian calendar we use (like our birthdates, anniversaries, official deadlines, and the such).


This is a personal effort from my part to bring awareness of this option to the world. An option to make the people important to this world, and unity as the option to face the future.

For any technical issues or glitches on that website, please let me know.


Deer in Ancient Mexico

Deer was an important part of the Anahuac, Ancient Mexico not only as a source of food, but also the use of its skin and presence in ancient lore.

Photo and text by Miguel Omaña.

Although we know deer was hunted by several groups, its use was not only confined as nourishment. Deer hide was used as a canvas of the Mexicans of old. With its skin, maps and even books were produced. Even though paper existed (many pose the Chinese and Egyptians invented paper, but ancient Mexicans also used a paper called amatl) deer hide was used to paint cartography, history, genealogies, and numerous stories. Sadly much of it was lost.

Its presence was also important in the cosmology of the ancient peoples of the Anahuac and the Mayaab’. For instance, there was a day in the Mexica calendar called mazatl (deer in English). Because calendars where pan-Anahuac — used by different nations — the deer day was present widely. As such, the day was represented with the glyph or symbol of a deer. And if they appear in the also known as Aztec calendar, I pose they ought to be considered as one of the most mexican symbols (like eagles, snakes, and even earthquakes – which also appear in our calendars!).

White tail deer, at Laredo, Texas.
White tail deer, at Laredo, Texas. Copyright 2014 Miguel Omaña.