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Miguel Omaña’s most recent work is a historical novel, Till Stars Shut Their Eyes. He works in photography, custom portrait painting, poetry, and research.

Although born in Mexico City in 1982, Miguel Omaña grew up in the US-Mexico border. He has written newspaper columns, co-hosted radio shows, showcased painted artwork and photography, and participated in academic conferences –all revolving around Mexican indigenous history and culture. He studied Communications, Anthropology, and Tariff Classification. Currently lives in the Mexico City metro area.

A never-ending researcher, obsessive self-learner, avid Trekkie, tireless movie-goer, moderate Brony, stubborn photographer, professional portrait painter, keen runner, history buff, genealogist by luck, defender of equal rights, in love with languages, women, nature, music, food, and forever a traveler.


5 thoughts on “About author”

  1. Hello Miguel,You mention in your website warrior Lady Nunuu Dzico Coo Yodzo. I have read about her as 6 Monkey then latter after winning the battle as WarQuechquemitl. Does Lady Nunuu mean 6 monkey?
    Thank you,



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