Politically Insurrect. Column by Miguel Omaña. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

Hispanic media not challenging source of Illegal Immigrants, Mexico

Jorge Ramos is a great journalist and leading figure of Univision channel, but I’ve never seen anyone (not only him) in the Hispanic media debating so passionately against the government of Mexico and other deeply corrupt and racist state-nations in Latin America. Why is such blunt candor by Ramos so heavy against Donald Trump and not against those like the Mexican leaders, who not only created the conditions of poverty but also advocate for illegal immigration into America.

We all may know now that Jorge Ramos was kicked out by Donald Trump from his own press conference, but afterwards he did have a long and interesting exchange of ideas between the two of them.

Tonight, many feel offended by Trump’s action of “deporting” Jorge Ramos out of his press conference. On the other hand I feel more offended at how the Hispanic media gets touchy with Republican candidate Donald Trump and not with the myriad of corrupt leaders in Mexico. Shouldn’t we be looking first at ourselves? Shouldn’t we Mexicans be more worried about what went wrong in Mexico that created this Illegal Immigration crisis? No one in the Hispanic media cares about pointing fingers south of the border — be that the drug wars, politicians, the racist system, or even economics. For Hispanic and Mexican media it’s all about Trump, like he created the problem.

There is a widespread notion amongst Mexicans that outspoken billionaire Donald Trump is an awful person to lead America. The big reason? Because he’s racist, Mexicans say. And still no Mexican or Hispanic media has ever addressed to diligently the fact that the government of Mexico is racist. Mexican officials, many elected or appointed, are callously racist against natives, Afro-Mexicans (black Mexicans who live in the coasts and Coahuila), and even YES… even against Central American illegal immigrants.

High (very high) officials like Lorenzo Cordova from the National Electoral Institute (INE) was taped in audio mocking indigenous peoples way of talking and their “Lone Ranger” kind of attitude. Did Hispanic Media picked that up the way they’ve done with a still not elected candidate? The Mexican government daily deports illegal immigrants that come mainly from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. And none of the Mexican leaders are called bigots like the Hispanic media and Mexican people is so fascinated in doing so with Donald Trump.

Do you think Donald Trump is racist? Newsflash! Mexican government is far more racists to its own people. He may be loud, and even offensive, but not as racist as Mexican government officials that force people entering from the Southern border to sing the National Anthem to catch undocumented Central Americans.

I’m more scared that Hispanic media and public figures like Jorge Ramos are so focused on Donald Trump instead of the epicenter of all troubles, the overwhelming crooked Mexican government. Mexico is not only a failed state in every sense (I’m a living example after fleeing from the northeastern war-thorn part of Mexico) but leaders and dependencies literally push Mexicans to become illegal immigrants. They paste posters and pay ads that recommend Mexicans what to carry or what to watch out for when traveling up north illegally. Mexico even implemented a group of watchers at some point, who aided migrants with water and food supplies on they way to our northern neighbor… instead of stopping them to care for them here.

Hispanic media should focus more on a government that incites illegal immigration, with all the dangers which it comes with it like rape and murder, instead of the candidate that’s pointing at it. I care for my people, and my heart aches that my brethren have to pass through hell — apparently for Mexico’s leaders their journey may very well be business as usual and good riddance.


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