Summer rain at Jilotepec, Mexico. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

Summer rain at Central Mexico

Jilotepec is a town an hour-driving outside of Mexico City’s metro city limits. While visiting this place and its fields, it started raining. The daily afternoon rain is a trademark of a true Mexican summer, contrary to popular belief abroad.

Ominous clouds, roaring thunders, copious rainfall, a nightly coldness, and the once-a-week hail constitute a typical Mexican summer in Central Mexico and many parts of the country.

The idea of a desert nation comes from Hollywood movies and America’s mindset because of the huge desert located in the border with the United States. The rest of Mexico is a mosaic of isolated and differing climates. You could be in grassy landscape like this one in Jilotepec, and no one would guess that a 15-minute driving westward one will find a thick pine tree forest in El Ocotal area. It’s like saying all of America has all-Americana wooden red barns.

Just like the terrain of this nations is misunderstood, so the people. Mexicans can actually be more good than foreigners can think, and yet there are also far more dangerous ones — let’s say the spectrum is way off Trump’s mindset.

Jilotepec is a nice town to visit, nearby Tula’s archeological ruins left by the ancient Toltecs. In fact, all this area was once important in times of the Mexica Aztecs. Plan ahead if you’re staying in Mexico City, for it can be hard to leave the city due to traffic conditions of apocalyptic proportions — a bit of a joke, but it can be weary for someone not used to it.

Jilotepec means Hill of the tender (not ripe) corn.

If you’re interested in Mexico, its history and people, you may enjoy my novel Till Stars Shut Their Eyes.

Summer rain at Jilotepec, Mexico. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.
Summer rain at Jilotepec, Mexico. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

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