At the Empire nature still stands. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.

Nature still stands

Photo I shot at the ruins of the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

Recently named the 5th largest city of olden times, the city’s gigantic downtown has been deserted for the last 1400 years. Everything about this city has faded into oblivion — even its original name. Only buldings, streets, and water works remain. All has withered, even its own memory. The little we know was written from ancient Maya nations far away in Central American jungles. And still only the tall pyramid-like temples remain. Why do ancient Mexican cities remain intact, when moden-day buildings tend to crumble when left unattended?

The reason is as simple as nature itself. Native peoples of Mexico and Central America discovered that following nature’s blueprints gave them extraordinary benefits in architecture as well as in other scientific areas. Instead of fighting off nature when building cities, they imitated it. So tall buildings, the first real skyscrappers way before New York’s, were erected in the form of mountains.

Man-made mountains towered ancient Mexican cities. We call them nowadays “pyramids” when in fact they’re not. Pyramids were those built by ancient Egyptians. But even they may be visually similar to a pyramid, the tall temples were actually mounds, mountains, or hills made by the hands of man… with stairs. A mountain is difficult to come down by earthquakes or hurricanes. Even ill-intended warring actions may leave scars on such buldings, but never dissipate the form of it (i.e. Mexico City’s Tenochtitlan).

And just like nature still stands amid the political chaos of people around the world, also these ancient structures. I shot this photo off the tourist path.

If you like ancient native Mexican history, you may enjoy my novel Till Stars Shut Their Eyes.

At the Empire nature still stands. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña. At the Empire nature still stands. Copyright 2015 Miguel Omaña.


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