Lady Wac Chanil Ajaw, a brave Maya ruler

Text and painting by Miguel Omaña.

Painting I did for her 1330 anniversary of the beginning of her rule.

A great Maya ajaw (ruler), who ruled the kingdom of Saal, today known as Naranjo. Lady Wac Chanil Ajaw was sent by her father, Balaj Chan K’awiil, ajaw of Dos Pilas (Anti-Tikal) to take over and reactivate dynastic, spiritual, and political power to the defeated city of Naranjo. And so she founded a new dynastic line at the realm of Saal, and led the city to the grandeur of arts and power, making of her city a power within the constellation of Mayan cities.

The portrait depicts Wac Chanil Ajaw in one of her greatest moments of her life, as later she would explain in latter monuments erected in honor of this event: The ritual of reactivation of the pyramid temple. Lady Wac Chanil Ajaw, three days after her arrival to the city as their new ruler, she went to the top of the pyramid of Naranjo and performed sacred rites that re-opened the spiritual portal on 7 Men 13 Yax or Thursday August 31, 682 (correlation 584283). Once the link between our world, and the Otherworld was established, the aperture of portal meant that the city was once again alive and had a new dynasty looking over its inhabitants. Naranjo was devastated by the wars from the realms of Caracol, and the final blow came from Yuknoom Head, ruler of Calakmul, by attacking the city under a star war (The name for the movie franchise star Wars comes from this wars the Maya used to do). But darkness and muteness was over to Naranjo, now that a royal from another Kingdom came to re-open the interdimensional portal. The city of Naranjo lived once more, and her female ruler took them to the upmost of all glories, wrote their history, and thanks to Lady Wac Chanil Ajaw is that today we know their achievements.

After the dedication of the pyramid temple, Lady Wac Chanil Ajaw went to assert her political and military power to the city’s neighbors. This woman got great respect by playing with the big boys’ rules. Her major battles were she triumphantly vanquished her enemies were against: Lord K’inichil Kab’ (June 693), Tuub’al (September 693), B’ital (December 693), Tikal (January 695), Dotted Ko (March 696), Eared skull (May 697), Lord K’inichin Kab’ (May 698), and Ucanal (September 698). After all this, no army dared to face this warrior Queen, the great Wac Chanil Ajaw.

Lady Wac Chanil Ajaw, brave Maya ruler. Painting by Miguel Omaña. Copyright 2009.
Lady Wac Chanil Ajaw, brave Maya ruler. Painting by Miguel Omaña. Copyright 2009.

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