Tezozomoc, the powerful ruler of Ancient Mexico.

He ruled and conquered many nations of the Mexico of old with outstanding wit and political-military tactics never seen in this, our Old World. Tlatoani of Azcapotzalco.

Tezozomoc: A man hated by some, loved by others, lord of them all.

– He was born either in 1294 or 1286, but all chronicles agree on his extreme longevity which played a part in the extension of his nation, Azcapotzalco.

– From a family of immigrants that came to the Valley of Mexico who were granted nobility by Chichimec Emperor Xolotl. His ethnicity was Matlatzinca, Otomi, or both.

– His father, Tlatoani Acolhua, began arguing with Xolotl’s descendants over rights on the Imperial crown.

– In early 14th century he became Tlatoani of Azcapotzalco. His first movements was to distribute his sons and daughters in local rulerships or marrying them to his best interests.

– 1339 … Tezozomoc initiates a war of endurance against Techichco, pushing slowly but surely the border into the Chalco Confederacy.

– 1356 … Tezozomoc establishes a semi-autonomous fortified city, Tultitlan, well into the Kingdom of Cuautitlan to keep tabs on them and intimidate.

– 1358 … Tezozomoc begins using a warrior tribe as his strike-force mercenaries, the Mexicas, today known as the Aztecs. At the beginning he had two options to deal with these hyperactive warriors, either squash them in their hamlet known as Mexico Tenochtitlan, or use them to his military advantage. The latter was his choice, and sent them to his conquest of Chalco.

– 1392 … Tezozomoc uses his own “shock and awe” technique against the realm of Cuitlahuac Tizic. He sent a small tactical unit into the enemy capital and killed only the king and key high officials, leaving the Kingdom non-operational. He installed a puppet ruler, but he officially controlled that nation.

– 1408 … He created a false party in honor of the King of Cuautitlan, but when the enemy assisted to what was a possible peace treaty instead was captured and hanged instantly. The psychological terror inflicted by Tezozomoc led the Cuautitlan government not to install a new ruler in fear, and thus annexed by default into his nation.

– Tezozomoc elevates Tultitlan into Kingdom status and it assumes military control of Cuautitlan annexing northern territories into Azcapotzalco.

– 1413 … Tezozomoc again uses shock and awe, by sending a specialized unit to kill the Tlatoani of Colhuacan, and thus breaking the then Triple Alliance. Colhucan was unable to restore government or social control, and so annexed rather quickly into Azcapotzalco. This meant the fall of the last Toltec nation.

– Once the old Triple Alliance was broken, he wanted war with the only remaining superpower, Texcoco. But he made them (the Acolhuas) declare war on him in order to avoid breaking the peace treaty. Again, employing psychological tactics, he innocently sent cotton to be manufactured outsourced into Texcoco. Even when the enemy resisted the continuous insults, he ended up declaring war as Tezozomoc expected.

– So Texcoco invades Azcapotzalco, and at the brink of defeat Tezozomoc surrenders and calls for mercy. The enemy bites the bait, and returns home, when just behind them came all of Tezozomoc’s army and conquered Texcoco destroying all (except a young boy, heir apparent Nezahualcoyotl).

– Tezozomoc reorders administratively his nation by putting his sons and daughters in key capitals, and his generals in important military posts. One can see imperialistic details in his way of running things.

– After learning Nezahualcoyotl survived the war, he spends his last years of his life in search of the errant youngster. Tezozomoc movilizes his army, his nations, and spies to kill him. He died in 1427, in his funerals Nezahualcoyotl was present.

– After his death, the vacuum of power became evident, and a World War erupted, led by Nezahualcoyotl against the coup d’etat of Maxtla, son of Tezozomoc, who killed the rightful heir Tayatzin. The result was the pale and twisted imitation of Tezozomoc’s nation, the now-known as Aztec Empire (in reality called the Triple Alliance or alliance of the three heads), which the European Hispanic people encountered.


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