Lady Ñuñuu Dzico-Coo-Yodzo

Mixtec Queen Six Monkey of Jaltepec.

Mixtec ruler Ñuñuu Dzico-Coo-Yodzo. The great warrior ruler Ñuñuu, also known in English language as Lady Six Monkey, who stood up against the imperial aspirations of 8 Deer Jaguar Claw. At a young age, she visited the enigmatic Vehe Kihin cave to seek the favor from revered ancestors to rule her people. She became ruler of what is now Jaltepec almost 1,000 years ago. On the way to her wedding she was ambushed and attacked by political enemies using two towns who stood in her way. Lady 6 Monkey and her wedding carriers succesfully repelled the attack, winnig her military admiration, and thus being condecorated with the Quechquemitl of War, which became her official garmets, but also part of her name as written in millenia-long ancient books for posterity.

To understand the painting… —>
The Mixtec glyph at the left of her tells her name: Six Monkey. Ancient scribes used various forms to put their second name within the picture. One way is as I did, with her red and prominent garmet: Quechquemitl of War. The chevrons in her quechquemitl is also another Mixtec glyph, and means: War.
Her hair and accessories are based in her image in Codex Nuttall or Codex Tonendeye.
The mountains in the background are based out of the real mountains at Oaxaca, where it all happened.


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